Free Wammawink Cross Stitch Pattern Centaurworld

Wammawink Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Wammawink from Centaurworld. Download the PDF here:Wammawink Pattern

Grid Size: 70W x 99H
Design Area: 4.86″ x 6.93″ (68 x 97 stitches)
Colors: 7

My Patron, Lauren C, has the ability to pass through solid objects. For some reason it works better when their body temperature is higher. Lauren has to be careful not to sneeze through the bed when they’re sick, but they are a master of sinking through the floor in embarrassment.

Wammawink Pattern_Page_1

I’m watching Centaurworld and it’s pretty good so far. It’s giving me real Charlie the Unicorn vibes, but you know, toned down and polished for a 22 minute runtime. There’s songs and colorful characters, all with Horse as a glorious straight man to balance out the madness. It’s good fun.

I really like how Wammawink’s personality traits come out in direct contrast to Horse. At first, she comes off as just trying too hard to make everyone smile and the parallels to Pinkie Pie are hard to miss, but the second episode expands on her character so she becomes more of a motherly figure desperately trying to keep everyone safe as Horse puts them in increasingly more dangerous situations.

You really get to see how powerful and competent she is as things go by. I’ve only watched the first three episodes, but she has a wide range of skills and is quickly becoming my favorite character.

The show isn’t for everyone though. It is very “lol random” and takes some getting used to. If you were ever frustrated by how Adventure Time doesn’t make a lot of sense, then you may want to avoid Centaurworld.

There are quite a few annoying characters in the main cast too. The story is pretty low stakes so their inability to build a boat isn’t getting in the way of the narrative. Ultimately, they’re more annoying to Horse than they are to me, but still I can see these characters being a deal breaker for some people.



  1. I just finished stitching this pattern & I’m sooooo happy & obsessed with how she came out! I used 3 threads instead of 2 for her woolly parts, so it’s subtly different both in look & feel. I can’t stop looking at her. I’m so excited. Thank you so much for sharing!


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