Free Smurfs Cross Stitch Pattern


Set of 14 cross stitch patterns featuring characters from The Smurfs. Most of them are just slightly too big to fit on a normal sized Perler bead pegboard. Thanks to Rad Spyro at for the sprites. Download the PDF here: smurfs-pattern

Grid Size: 101W x 148H
Design Area: 7.07″ x 10.43″ (99 x 146 stitches)
Colors: 6

I was really young when The Smurfs were popular. As much of a cartoon buff as I am now, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time watching cartoons as a little kid mostly because I was like 10 before we got cable and there were so many things to do other than watch TV. I remember playing computer games earlier than I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons. In a strange instance of fake childhood memories, I remember having both a Smurfs game and a Rocky and Bullwinkle game for the PC pre-1995 that apparently don’t exist. Maybe my dad was into emulating even back then.



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