Free Peridot Cross Stitch Pattern Steven Universe


Cross stitch pattern of Peridot from Steven Universe. The pattern is easy to follow and fine for beginners. Download the PDF here: peridot-pattern

Grid Size: 50W x 117H
Design Area: 3.43″ x 8.21″ (48 x 115 stitches)
Colors: 8

Darn it, I just noticed that I missed a stitch on Peridot’s foot. Oh well. You guys can tell where it’s supposed to be black right? For me, I think Peridot has had the most drastic character changes since she was introduced. I understand how she must feel like she’s gone crazy and how everything she ever thought was real just doesn’t matter anymore. It must be really had for her to question every decision she makes, but it must be exciting too. Everything is new for her and I’m looking forward to finding out what she will do with her life once the new becomes the mundane.



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