Free Gardevoir Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Gardevoir Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Gardevoir from Pokemon in a nurse outfit. The sprite comes from a fan game called Pokemon: Type Wild and was ripped by A Person. Download the PDF here: Gardevoir Pattern

Grid Size: 86W x 207H
Design Area: 6.14″ x 14.79″ (86 x 207 stitches)
Colors: 14

Gardevoir Pattern_Page_1

I remember training a gardevoir in either Sapphire or Emerald for GBA, but I never got the hype. She was just a pretty good psychic type to me, but now gardevoir has become one of the most popular pokemon outside of gen 1. People mostly know her for all the um, questionable fanart of her, and they seem to forget that gardevoir can be male just like machoke can be female. I guess I’m not helping by making this cross stitch, but can you really blame me? She’s so adorable!

As for the Type Wild fan game, I haven’t played it since I’m not big on fighting games, but I did sort through a lot of the art assets looking for this sprite, and oh my god, the animation is so smooth. Every action has way more frames than you would think a fan game would have and every sprite is perfectly on model. There isn’t a lot of stretch and shrink that you would expect from a cartoon, so I can imagine that the animation looks very realistic in game.


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