Free Eeveelutions Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon

Eeveelutions Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Eevee’s gen 1 evolutions, Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon. Thanks to Kyleboy for the sprites. These are based off of the base set TCG. Download the PDF here: Eeveelutions Pattern

Grid Size: 66W x 146H
Design Area: 4.71″ x 10.43″ (66 x 146 stitches)
Colors: 13

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Eeveelutions Pattern_Page_1

It’s been forever since our last Pokemon pattern. Can you tell I love Eevee? I’ve already got Espeon and Glaceon, so now I just need to do patterns for the rest. I’m not looking forward to Sylveon, just because I don’t really like Sylveon. All the colors and bows are just not my cup of tea, though it does make me feel better imagining that those ribbons are actually made of flesh. I might have to do something stylized for Umbreon. DMC doesn’t have very good dark colors and I refuse to use a different brand, because even though I know DMC doesn’t stand for Devil May Cry, I still want to believe that it does.



  1. I love the eeveelution and legendary birds. Is there anyway to add the 3rd evolutions of the original starters in the same format?


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