Free Sailor Mars Cross Stitch Pattern Sailor Moon

Sailor Mars Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon. Thanks to Sutinoer for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Sailor Mars Pattern

Grid Size: 90W x 187H
Design Area: 6.21″ x 13.21″ (87 x 185 stitches)
Colors: 15

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Sailor Mars Pattern_Page_1

I know you can get this elsewhere, but I didn’t realize it before I made this. And, you know, making a cool pattern more accessible is a good thing right? I never really liked Sailor Mars as a kid because she was always picking on Sailor Moon, but now that I’m older, I can see how awesome she really is. Sometimes in a story a group of friends benefits from an antagonist amongst them to call them out on their idiocy.


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