Free Hello Kitty Cross Stitch Pattern Train Ride

Hello Train Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Hello Kitty driving a train. The original art is from Hello Kitty Puzzle. Download the PDF here: Hello Train Pattern

Grid Size:100W x 60H
Design Area:7.00″ x 4.14″ (98 x 58 stitches)
Colors: 7

My Patron, xSaffirex is a member of a citizens militia of spacecraft pilots who defend a poor planet on the edge of the Empire. The planet can only afford scant few spaceships, so only the best of the best get in after a long election process.  It’s a lifelong commitment to obtain and maintain a pilot’s license, and xSaffirex won’t let the people down.

Hello Train Pattern_Page_1

Her passenger is supposed to be Joey, but the colors looked off so now he’s just a generic mouse. Sorry Joey fans.

My little brother used to love trains as a kid, so my parents would buy him any old train movie they could find. Kids these days have all sorts of Youtube videos from real people working on trains, and we were stuck with Train Adventures for Kids on VHS. You know, as opposed to Train Adventures for Adults, which probably would have also fit well on a grainy VHS. I can still remember the low budget audio and stilted acting. “My mom only drives 55 on the freeway and I think that’s fast!”

Watching it again, it really is wholesome in parts, “Sorry, I just get so carried away when I’m talking about freight”, but some of it is retroactively kind of sad, like how Smokey Jones talks about all the passenger lines getting bought up by Amtrak, and we still don’t have a good passenger train network all these years later.

Honestly, it still holds up as a historical documentary, and that ending theme still slaps.



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