Free Fire Emblem Awakening Cross Stitch Pattern Lucina, Marth, Ike, and Robin

Fire Emblem Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the Mario Maker costumes of Fire Emblem characters. There’s Lucina, Robin, Marth, and Ike. Each one fits on a normal sized Perler board too. Thanks to Random Talking Bush for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Fire Emblem Pattern

Grid Size: 42W x 38H
Design Area: 2.86″ x 2.57″ (40 x 36 stitches)
Colors: 14

New patterns sort of daily. Send a dollar my way on Patreon. *seductive wink*

Fire Emblem Pattern_Page_1

So, story time. Today I was working the Arby’s drive through and a guy orders our new cookie butter shake and nothing else. This isn’t an unusual order. It’s flipping delicious. So he gets to the window and hands me a 20. I take a look at it and the paper is all wrong. The thing even had a black mark on it from someone else’s counterfeit detection pen.  It is clearly fake. So I tell him that I can’t take the money, but since he still had some cash, I would still be willing to sell him the shake. He asks for the fake bill back, and I tell him that it’s company policy that I can’t return fake bills. So he actually gives me four real dollars to pay for his large shake. I give him his change and receipt, then I turn around to go make the shake. When I come back, he’s gone. Joke’s on him. I got to keep the shake he paid for at the end of my shift and I’m drinking it right now.

Oh and check out my super serious and informative Arby’s nutrition guide with a pattern that looks just like my work shirt.

In other news, Comic Con starts tomorrow, but don’t worry. I have some patterns scheduled to post in my absence. Be good, and go try the cookie shake after 2 and before 5 when it’s only a dollar. Not sponsored. I’m just unreasonably proud of having a job that other people would probably consider menial.


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