Patreon Only Luma and Rosalina Cross Stitch Pattern Mario

Rosalina Storytime Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Rosalina reading to two Lumas from Mario Galaxy. Thanks to Ehm for the sprite. The PDF and PNG files for this pattern are just for my Patrons. If you join then you get this and past patterns.

Grid Size: 171W x 194H
Design Area: 12.07″ x 13.71″ (169 x 192 stitches)
Colors: 28

My Patron, Katharine Jacobs, is a purveyor of deadly poisons who sells mostly to dwarves. You see, it’s very hard to poison a dwarf so it’s common for them to eat poisonous things like humans would eat spicy foods. Dwarves love the taste of poison dart frogs. Supposedly the different colors have different flavors, but Katharine knows they’re all secretly the same.

Rosalina Storytime Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I’ve been playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 after putting it down months ago, and I remember never really getting a hang of the controls back then, but it’s even worse now that I haven’t played in a while. The good thing is that the levels often focus on puzzle solving and exploration, so there aren’t too many times when shooting a plunger instead of flashing your light leads to anything worse than a short delay. Even if you die from pressing the wrong buttons, the consequences are pretty negligible and you can get back into the fight quickly.

I’d say most of my frustration comes from the occasional intuitive boss fight. There’s been a couple times where the only way to kill a boss is to get in close at a time when I instinctively don’t want to be close. It’s poor design when all of the things I want to try are things that won’t clue me in on the solution. It doesn’t happen that often, but every time I have to look up the answer for a fight in this kids game, a little bit of my ego breaks.

The rest of the game is fantastic though. I love exploring and finding new secret areas and the collectables system really encourages you to poke around in every room. Even if there isn’t a gem to be found, almost every object can be sucked up or shaken for money and that interactivity is really addicting, kind of like throwing physics objects around with the Gravity Gun. It’s just inherently fun.

Beware that though you can play Luigi’s Mansion 3 with a Switch Lite, you cannot %100 this game in handheld mode so those completionists out there might be frustrated.

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