Free Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern Royal Guard Undyne

Undyne Armor Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Undyne from Undertale in her armor. It’s a screenshot straight from the game. Try stitching this on black Aida for the best effect. Download the PDF here: Undyne Armor Pattern

Grid Size: 126W x 160H
Design Area: 9.00″ x 11.43″ (126 x 160 stitches)
Colors: 12

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Undyne Armor Pattern_Page_1

Even though Undertale has been wildly popular, it looks like Toby Fox has decided to move on. He’s listed as a contributor for A Profound Waste of Time, which is strange, not because he’s writing for it, but because it’s a physical magazine being produced at a time when magazines are being phased out. Then he’s also working on Hiveswap, a game that I have a bias against and probably won’t try just because it’s Homestuck.


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