Free Cave Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern Geodude, Onix, and Golbat

Pokemon Cave Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Onix, Golbat, and Geodude. Thanks to Mr. C for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Pokemon Cave Pattern

Grid Size: 93W x 53H
Design Area: 6.64″ x 3.79″ (93 x 53 stitches)
Colors: 9

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Pokemon Cave Pattern_Page_1

Okay so, everyone knows that there’s a cross stitch pattern for every single pokemon out there, so how do I stand out as a purveyor of fine patterns? Make new stuff? Nah, too much work. How about I find the most obscure sprites and polish them up! These sprites are from Pokemon Puzzle Collection 2 a Japan only game that came out solely for the Pokemon Mini, a Tamagatchi-like handheld from 2001. It’s so obscure that I’m getting hipster points on top of my weeb points. Safe to say, I have more of these.


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