Free Dancing Dragon Cross Stitch Pattern Avatar The Last Airbender

Dragon Dance by Shamalayah2 Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Zuko and Aang performing with the firebending masters, Ran and Shaw. Original pixel art is by Shamalaya2. Check them out. They’re art is awesome! Download the PDF here: Dragon Dance by Shamalayah2 Pattern

Grid Size: 220W x 119H
Design Area: 15.71″ x 8.50″ (220 x 119 stitches)
Colors: 29

My Patron, Natasha Maxwell, has melted into the sky, swallowed by the swirling light of the stars that only a moment ago seemed so distant. The star phoenixes can’t control their ancient power and Natasha has been pulled across the light years to the very edge of known space, yet still at the same time they stand in their old familiar home on the beach.

Dragon Dance by Shamalayah2 Pattern_Page_1

I’m going to be opening up my Will-o-Wisp patterns again. For this month, Patrons of any tier can make a pattern request as if they were at the $10 tier. I’ve done this before and it really helped me boost my mood.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that cutting out the things that bring me joy in my life won’t actually make me happier. It’s just that it’s so easy to not do things, cancel plans, and I guess, in the moment, it feels like less stress, but actually it’s not helping.

I still need to take walks, I still need to see my friends, I still need to write stories, and I still need to make patterns.

Because those are the times in my life that I feel in control, that for a moment I have agency. Even if it’s something small, even if  it doesn’t really make a difference in the long run, the things I choose to do have value because I have chosen to do them.


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