Free Wolverine Cross Stitch Pattern X-Men

Wolverine Preview

Cross stitch pattern of classic style Wolverine from X-Men. Thanks to jin315 for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Wolverine Pattern

Grid Size: 124W x 84H
Design Area: 8.86″ x 6.00″ (124 x 84 stitches)
Colors: 15

Did you know my Patron, Leslie Cargile, is a space mechanic at the only truck stop between Vega and Altair. They charge up the wazoo, but you should have checked your hyper drive before you left!

Wolverine Pattern_Page_1

You never realize how janky your display settings are until you look at someone else’s screen. My colors were slightly too warm, but oh my god, my brother’s were way off. Like gamma setting so high that he had turned the brightness down to compensate. Everything kind of had this neon blue tint. I don’t know how he lived with it for so long.


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