Free Ace Trainer Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon Asexuality

Ace Trainer Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the Cool Trainer class from Pokemon Crystal using the colors from the asexual flag. Later gens use Ace Trainer but I like the look of the gen 2 sprites and text. I got the character art from Bulbapedia. Download the PDF here: Ace Trainer Pattern

Grid Size: 105W x 79H
Design Area: 7.36″ x 5.50″ (103 x 77 stitches)
Colors: 5

My Patron, Dawn Clark, is actually a massive serpent with rainbow scales who can phase through the rock and dust of their canyon home. People say that Dawn Clark gives life to the surrounding desert when they stray from the river at the bottom, enticed by the sound of drums.

Ace Trainer Pattern_Page_1

I stole this pun from somewhere. Can’t remember where.

Out of all the Ace Trainers (not Cool Trainers), I like the male one from X and Y best. That cocky smile gets to me. As for the girls, the one from Pikachu and Eevee is the best. I love that pea coat and boots. The girl from Black and White is pretty eye catching, but I don’t like the color combination. The guy from Sun and Moon has a nice design too. It’s hard to pick just one Ace Trainer to be the very best.

That’s because I’m the best Ace Trainer!

Oh that was bad.


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