Free No One Earns a Billion Dollars Cross Stitch Pattern

Billion Dollars Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the quote “No one earns a billion dollars” for all you anticorporatism/anticapitalists out there. Download the PDF here: Billion Dollars Pattern

Grid Size:69W x 41H
Design Area:4.79″ x 2.79″ (67 x 39 stitches)
Colors: 5

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Billion Dollars Pattern_Page_1

It seems like a lot of folks are saying “let’s get back to normal” after Covid. It’ll all go back to the way it was before and everything will be okay. But you know what? Normal sucks. If things go back to normal then it will go back to billions of people quietly suffering because they have been told that their lives have no value beyond what they can produce for their bosses.

I’ve heard the phrase “This is a democracy. You vote with your dollar.” And you know what, part of that is true. We do vote with money, but then you can never have a true democracy because one person has a million times more votes than someone else, and we wonder why all the laws always favor the rich.

Business as usual is a recipe for extinction.

If we go back in time and think about all the reasons why kings and lords were bad, a lot of those problems still exist today with billionaires completely unaccountable to the people who work in their warehouses, billionaires who can do whatever they want because they have the money to change the laws around them, billionaires who don’t face consequences because they can pay a team of lawyers to shield them from fault.

This is normal.

And it can change.


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