Free Charubin the Fire Knight Cross Stitch Pattern Yugioh

Charubin the Fire Knight Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the Charubin the Fire Knight card from Yu-Gi-Oh. Download the PDF here: Charubin the Fire Knight Pattern

Grid Size: 100W x 100H
Design Area: 7.14″ x 7.14″ (100 x 100 stitches)
Colors: 28

My Patron, NinjaGoemon, has been building paths on the ocean floor to help ghosts lost at sea. She’s been at it so long that little ghost towns have popped up at popular crossroads. A lot of spirits have joined in on the effort too, giving community and support to ghosts whose hometowns have changed too much in their long absence. Turns out spending your days under the ocean with friends isn’t that bad.

Charubin the Fire Knight Pattern_Page_1

My friends and I get together regularly on Saturday nights for boardgames, roleplaying, and anime. We are very cool.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email saying that one of our group wasn’t going to make it so we wanted to postpone our D&D finale. I took this to mean that we were still meeting up, but we just weren’t going to do roleplaying. I didn’t verify this, which is great.

Saturday rolls around and I text my good-good carpool buddy about it and he was also under the impression we were meeting up… and had also not verified.

Long story short, we both show up at my friend’s house and she comes out in her pajamas, very confused because everyone else had interpreted the email as a cancellation and she hadn’t set up for anything. Luckily our other friend was cool with us hanging out at his house. Crisis averted.

So we all pile into one car and head over, but when we get there, there’s a note on the front door, “please use other door->”. Here I’m thinking, ah the house is still under construction so there’s probably something blocking the door. So we go to his other door and it has another sticky note on it sending us to yet another door on our epic quest around this guy’s house until we finally get inside his garage and knock on his interior door. We’re already technically in the house, were we even supposed to knock?

He comes to the door looking surprised. Turns out the sticky notes weren’t for us at all. His dad had been teaching a ceramics class for the neighborhood kids in the garage and had forgotten to take them down.

We could have just knocked on the front door the whole time, darn it!

We stayed up until 4 am playing Jackbox. It was worth it!

I’m definitely going to double check the day next time though.


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