Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern Toriel’s Reading Chair


Cross stitch pattern of Toriel in her reading chair from Undertale. Sprite ripped by me from a game screenshot. Download the PDF here: toriel-chair-pattern

Grid Size: 114W x 88H
Design Area: 8.14″ x 6.29″ (114 x 88 stitches)
Colors: 16


I guess I can talk about spoilers. The game is over a year old now so it’s fair. The first time I played Undertale, I was aware that I didn’t really have to kill any of the monsters, but I didn’t know if there were bad monsters or not. Toriel at first appeared to me as very controlling. I thought maybe she was trying to trick me. I didn’t want to kill her. I thought that if I got her health down enough she would either give up or show her true colors. I accidentally killed her so I restarted and saved her. Afterwards, Flowey called me out on it and I knew from that moment that I would love this game.

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