Yugioh Cross Stitch Pattern Red Eyes Black Dragon

Red Eyes Preview.png

Cross stitch pattern of the Red Eyes Black Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh! Looks great on black Aida. Thanks to Lalalei2001 at spriters-resource.com for the sprite. Download the PDF here: red-eyes-pattern

Grid Size: 190W x 167H
Design Area: 13.36″ x 11.79″ (187 x 165 stitches)
Colors: 14



I was really into Yugioh as a kid. I had all the cards and I even went to a few tournaments. Never won anything, but hey, I tried. I remember even playing in high school, long after it was remotely cool. There was this one kid who threw a hissy fit and tore up all his cards in front of everyone. He wasn’t even losing. He just went crazy. Maybe he just wanted attention, but I didn’t see him after that. At least he never blew up the school.


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