Free Over the Garden Wall Cross Stitch Pattern Sampler


Cross stitch pattern of a quote from Over the Garden Wall. “If dreams can’t come true then why not pretend?” It has edelwood branches, Greg’s teapot, black turtles, and the Beast. Download the PDF here: pretend-pattern

Grid Size: 75W x 72H
Design Area: 5.21″ x 5.00″ (73 x 70 stitches)
Colors: 8

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I’m a big fan of Over the Garden Wall and it’s traditional art style. For a show that only lasts ten episodes, they managed to pack just so much whimsy. I love the residents of Potsfield and their little pumpkin heads. I love all the posh frogs on the ferry. I love the music and all the animals in the school house. As I grow older, I sometimes have trouble finding the joy in little things, but I have no trouble smiling at Over the Garden Wall.

I’ve actually started stitching this pattern. I am reminded why I don’t usually make finished cross stitches. It takes soooooo loooooong. After this, I’m going to stick to making patterns, where one mistake is just an easy fix, not 20 minutes of misplaced stitches.


One comment

  1. I just completed this pattern and love it so much!! It’s the perfect Over The Garden Wall pattern to get you in that Autumn mood (even if you complete it in the Spring ;P).


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