Wreck It Ralph Cross Stitch Pattern Disney Inspirational Quote


Cross stitch pattern of a quote from Wreck it Ralph. “There’s no one I’d rather be than me.” Thanks to Superjustinbros at spriters-resource.com for the sprite. Download the PDF here: ralph-pattern

Grid Size: 64W x 96H
Design Area: 4.43″ x 6.71″ (62 x 94 stitches)
Colors: 9


Wreck It Ralph is an essential example of good world-building. Each game has it’s own unique look and feel. Even the hub world looks distinct and lived-in. You could easily imagine the daily lives of each of the games’ inhabitants just by looking at the world they live in. I’ve always believed that a hallmark of good storytelling is how easy it is to write fan fiction for it. It’s so simple to think about what these characters are doing when the main characters aren’t around because the creators have already done it for you. They’ve gone out of their way to show that the story you watched is just one small part of a much bigger one and that is was captures my imagination every time I watch this movie. That and Vanellope is adorable.


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