Free Journey Cross Stitch Pattern That Game Company

Journey Preview

Cross stitch pattern of that scene in Journey right after you slide down the sand but right before you jump off the ledge to do more awesome sand sliding. Try stitching this on brown Aida. Download the PDF here: Journey Pattern

Grid Size: 182W x 200H
Design Area: 13.00″ x 14.29″ (182 x 200 stitches)
Colors: 8

Journey Pattern_Page_1

I’ve actually been a big fan of That Game Company ever since Cloud. It took a long time to make this because I had to create it from scratch. The screenshots I had just weren’t exactly what I wanted, so in the end it doesn’t look exactly like the scene, but it’s close enough. I tried to keep the colors simple. I know some people don’t like big areas of a single color, but for me, I really like that posterized look.


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