Free Marceline Cross Stitch Pattern Adventure Time

Marceline Preview

Set of three cross stitch patterns of Marceline from Adventure Time. Try making these with Perler beads or plastic canvas. Thanks to Ploaj for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Marceline Pattern

Grid Size: 115W x 59H
Design Area: 8.07″ x 4.07″ (113 x 57 stitches)
Colors: 13

Marceline Pattern_Page_1

Marceline is a really complex character for a show for kids. At first she comes across as an edgy cash grab to appeal to kids, because hating your dad and playing guitar is cool, but then you find out that her dad really is the worst and it’s not just because he ate her fries. Her backstory gives her character a depth that was never needed or asked for, but I am still so glad it exists. No one needs to know her relationship with the Ice King in order to enjoy the adventures of Finn and Jake, but the world of Adventure Time feels so much more alive because it’s there.


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