Free Pikachu Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon Pokeball

Pika Pokeball Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Pikachu and some pokeballs from Pokemon. Thanks to Dazz for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Pika Pokeball Pattern

Grid Size: 112W x 30H
Design Area: 7.86″ x 2.00″ (110 x 28 stitches)
Colors: 6

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Pika Pokeball Pattern_Page_1

My dimensions are based on 14 count aida cloth, but if you use 18 count then this would make a good bookmark.

I think the worst part of Ultra Sun and Moon is that there isn’t a National Dex. Yeah catching um all is a ridiculously hard undertaking nowadays, but I still like to at least get credit for collecting non native pokemon. There are even some pokemon you can catch through Island Scan that have no Pokedex entries. It’s just sad that these pokemon just seem to have been forgotten.


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