Free Fullmetal Alchemist Cross Stitch Pattern Edward Elric

Edward Full Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. Though the pattern is large, it uses only 18 colors. It is highly recommended that you stitch this on black fabric as there is a huge amount of black. Thanks to EternalWing for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Edward Full Pattern

Grid Size: 240W x 160H
Design Area: 17.14″ x 11.43″ (240 x 160 stitches)
Color Count: 18

Edward Full Pattern_Page_1

What can I say about FMA that hasn’t already been said? It’s a beautiful anime, that is a must watch for anyone even remotely interested. That being said, there is one aspect that has started to bug me recently and that’s how the military is set up. In the show, a state alchemist automatically holds the rank equivalent of major in the military. To put that in perspective, modern majors can be in charge of about 80 to 250 soldiers depending on the country. A major is a pretty high level officer and in the US you usually can’t attain the rank until you’re at least 31 years old. Edward is 15 when he becomes a state alchemist. 15. And it’s not just him. Anyone can become a state alchemist as long as they pass a pretty simple test. Hawkeye is two ranks below major, and I’m surprised she never complained about having to take orders from guys who never even went through basic training.



  1. Hi there! I’m new to cross stitching and so I’m not really sure how much of each DMC thread/floss I should get or maybe you’ve already placed it somewhere and I just didn’t see? Thank you so much!

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    • This can be a hard question to answer. All my patterns are sized for 14 count aida by default. The amount of stitches of each color is on the last page of the PDF file. I use this handy skein calculator to find out how much of each color I should buy It asks for “strands used” which means how many of the six smaller threads that make up embroidery thread that you plan to use. I personally like 3, but I know that a lot of people like 2.

      For example, this pattern has 5874 stitches of coral red. Using 3 strands and 14 count aida, I would need 5 skeins of floss.

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