Free Star vs the Forces of Evil Cross Stitch Pattern Princess Star Butterfly

Star Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil. Download the PDF here: Star Pattern

Grid Size: 197W x 173H
Design Area: 13.86″ x 12.21″ (194 x 171 stitches)
Colors: 19

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Star Pattern_Page_1

Star vs the Forces of Evil is my new guilty pleasure. It’s never been super dramatic or thought provoking, but the stories are told in a way that I just can’t help but enjoy. As complexity goes, it’s a step up from We Bare Bears simply because the scope of the series is larger and there’s a bigger variety of stories that can be told in this universe. With Star I’m attracted to the potential of the show. Everything is set up for an amazing run and there are a few episodes that I really love. I’ve just finished season one and I am definitely continuing.


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