Free Rick and Morty Cross Stitch Pattern Big Heads

Rick And Morty Heads Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Rick and Morty. I ripped the sprites from Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure so they’re a bit bigger than my usual fare. Download the PDF here: Rick And Morty Heads Pattern

Grid Size: 142W x 87H
Design Area: 10.00″ x 6.07″ (140 x 85 stitches)
Colors: 14

Rick And Morty Heads Pattern_Page_1

I’ve been using the word “fare” wrong my entire life and now that my eyes have been opened I fear I will only forget in the vast moving torrent of time. They say American English is just a simplified version of British English, but nay, I say we have nto gone far enough. Why is there a different spelling of “fair” if they both mean roughly the same thing? Why must there be so many spellings of “there” when the meaning is obvious by context? Why do I have so many dang colors in this pattern when it’s just two floating heads? Don’t blame me. I didn’t draw it that way. And if you’re really hurt by it, Ecru and white are basically the same colors, right? Wrong! The floss chooses you. Do not question the floss!


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