Free Allen Walker Cross Stitch Pattern D. Gray-Man

Allen Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Allen Walker from D. Gray-Man. Thanks to Dazz and Fret for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Allen Pattern

Grid Size: 84W x 95H
Design Area: 5.86″ x 6.64″ (82 x 93 stitches)
Colors: 12

Allen Pattern_Page_1

What is up with the weird punctuation in D.Gray-Man? Who is the gray man and does his name start with D? It’s weird. I’ve started watching this show three separate times over the years, but I never finished it. I loved the world and the style, but somehow I always lost interest. I want to go back and watch it, but I have so many things I should be watching right now that I just can’t. It always bugged me how the main character is named Allen and not the clearly superior spelling Alan. I mean really, have some class.


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