Free LGBT Anarchy Cross Stitch Pattern Pride Month

LGBT Anarchy Preview

Cross stitch pattern of an Anarchism symbol using the colors of the pride flag. Download the PDF here: LGBT Anarchy Pattern

Grid Size:89W x 88H
Design Area:6.21″ x 6.14″ (87 x 86 stitches)
Colors: 6

Well, now’s the time I guess. Insert Patreon plug here.

LGBT Anarchy Pattern_Page_1

You might look around at what’s going down and think this is Anarchy, and yeah, human rights protests will always be in line with Anarchistic values, but there’s a lot more to Anarchism than just looting stuff.

Anarchism is a broad social, political, and economic position that hinges on the concept of dismantling unjust hierarchies. Generally if someone has power over someone else than it is on them to prove their case that they need to have that power. It’s never just assumed that a power imbalance is valid.

How this core tenet is expressed differs from person to person. You can have an Anarchist who believes that working within the system would help the message spread to people who are on the fence, and there are Anarchists who believe that damaging property sends a stronger message to people who are in power. Both are important parts of the Anarchist movement.

Right now there are protests going on in my city. It may not be as violent as other cities, but I’m still scared to join in even though I know this is so important. I want to do my part to prove that people in power can’t push us around any longer, but I don’t want to get shot at.

Then again, I’ve seen the videos.

I’m not much safer in my home.

Please, whatever you chose, whatever type of Anarchist you are, take care of your friends. Be there for each other. I know what you’re doing isn’t safe, and it can’t be safe, but if you can protect the person beside you, then you’ll be stronger together.


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