Free Harry Potter Cross Stitch Pattern Trouble Quote and Twilight Imperium Review

Trouble Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a quote from Harry Potter “I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me”. I got the frame here. Check out my review of the board game Twilight Imperium below. Download the PDF of this pattern here: Trouble Pattern

Grid Size: 75W x 55H
Design Area: 5.21″ x 3.79″ (73 x 53 stitches)
Colors: 8

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Trouble Pattern_Page_1

As much as I love Harry Potter, I really want to talk about Twilight Imperium right now since I just finished playing it for twelve hours straight. For those of you unfamiliar with Imperium, it’s a board game infamous among nerds as being one of the longest and most complex board games in existence. Those twelve hours, just one game of six rounds with six people. It’s that involved.

We played the Shattered Ascension variant, but since I haven’t played the original yet, I have nothing to compare it to. From what I’ve heard they’re very similar but with a bunch of nerfs and buffs for balancing. You start with six players each playing a different race of aliens vying for control of a system of planets on hexagonal tiles. In the center lies Mecatol Rex, the planet left behind by the last rulers of the galaxy that you are trying to replace.

The best part of Twilight Imperium is how invested you get into other players’ turns. A game like this would be more boring than scraping butter off white bread if it wasn’t interesting to watch other people do stuff. You can technically go almost anywhere on the board, but you’re probably only going to be worrying about maybe half of it. However, after the first couple of rounds, almost all of your opponents are going to be within attacking distance of you, so you have to pay attention in case something happens that affects you. That is, unless you’re losing really badly, then there’s not much you can do.

I chose the Mentak Coalition as my race, because why wouldn’t you pick the space pirates when you have the option? They’re pretty awesome, but the special racial technology that everyone on Reddit was raving about, is not available in this variant, so I had that going against me. I was unfortunately sandwiched between a guy who had played before and the guy who owned the game. It was not the best place to be for a rookie player like myself, but I managed to not come in dead last which is nice.

In the end I only managed to get three victory points out of the ten you need to win. I had a few perilous space battles and claimed a whole bunch of planets, so all in all a successful run if I do say so myself. The game was fun, but not something I feel the need to play again anytime soon.

The weirdest bit is that it’s all set in space. There isn’t twilight in space. Why would they even call it Twilight Imperium?


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