Free Rayquaza Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon ORAS

Rayquaza Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the legendary Rayquaza from Pokemon. Thanks to Bean for the sprite even though I altered it a bit. Download the PDF here: Rayquaza Pattern

Grid Size: 158W x 42H
Design Area: 11.29″ x 3.00″ (158 x 42 stitches)
Colors: 11

Rayquaza Pattern_Page_1

See, I told you I would finish the Ruby and Sapphire legendary trio! It’s months late, but I did it! Now you can stitch Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre all together instead of this weird bookmark format. They’re really meant to be a triptych, and yes that’s how you spell it… which reminds me. Here’s a little bit of Millennial history here. Before Google Maps there was Mapquest, but even before that, there was this service by AAA called Trip Tik. You would send AAA your intended destination and what stops you wanted to make on your driving trip and they would print you a specialized set of maps with directions and send it to you in the mail. It was positively archaic and there’s not a lot of documentation that the program actually existed, but I remember it and my memory is not at all flawed. It’s not like I have a history of dementia in my family or anything. Wait, wan’t this post supposed to be about Pokemon or something?


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