Free Journeyers by River-in-Time Cross Stitch Pattern Journey Game

Journey River In Time Preview

Cross stitch pattern of two journeyers from Journey by That Game Company. This pattern was designed by River-in-Time. I just cleaned it up to make it more accessible. Download the PDF here: Journey River In Time Pattern

Grid Size: 51W x 56H
Design Area: 3.50″ x 3.86″ (49 x 54 stitches)
Colors: 5

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Journey River In Time Pattern_Page_1

I know the preview looks jankety, but that’s just my program messing up the special stitches. The finished product will look like this. I learned a lot making this. It’s kind of like how Renaissance artists learned by copying ancient Greek masters. This isn’t my art, but I learned to much about how to use special stitches. Personally, I would have used a darker red for the backstitch outline, but I wanted to stay true to the original. I love this pattern so much, and I hope that by posting it here, more people will see it and stitch it for themselves.

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