Free Customizable Sobriety Coin Cross Stitch Pattern Recovery Chip

Sobriety Coin Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a sobriety chip with customizable numbers and units and a quote that says “To thine own self be true”. They have a lot of names like recovery medallions or sobriety coins. Download the PDF here: Sobriety Coin Pattern

Size for just the coin by itself

Grid Size: 47W x 47H
Design Area: 3.36″ x 3.36″ (47 x 47 stitches)
Colors: 4

Size for the full pattern (It’s not really designed to be stitched out, but you do you)

Grid Size:100W x 104H
Design Area:7.00″ x 7.29″ (98 x 102 stitches)
Colors: 4

I usually talk about one of my Patrons here, but I don’t want to belittle anyone’s struggle. Stay safe. You are all fantastic and that I’m proud of you wherever you are on your life’s journey.

Sobriety Coin Pattern_Page_1

I hope that stitching this pattern helps someone get through that first 24 hours.

There are so many of these recovery chips and they all look different, but a lot of them have a triangle with a number in the center like the Alcoholics Anonymous one so I went with that. Just pick a number and time that matches your milestone and start stitching. Some groups have different colors for their chips. Here is a useful color chart for DMC thread by Yarn Tree so you can pick out colors that best match your medallion.

Just to clarify, 24 goes with hours and 30, 60, and 90 go with days.


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