Patreon Only Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Cross Stitch Pattern Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta Blue Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Vegeta in his Super Saiyan Blue form from Dragon Ball Z. Thanks to RayzorBlade189 for the vector that made this so much easier to make. Download the PDF or PNG by contributing to my Patreon.

Grid Size: 81W x 145H
Design Area: 5.57″ x 10.07″ (78 x 141 stitches)
Colors: 17

Vegeta Blue Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

There’s a bunch of special stitches and back stitching in the face, but it doesn’t look good without them. So, if you’re not comfortable with special stitches or you’re using Perler beads, then it might be best to just go with a blank face. I tried to make it look as non-derpy as possible, but it can be hard when you’re stuck on a grid. My vacation is going well, and I’ll post when I can, but we might get two Patreon only posts in a row. Sorry guys.


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