Free Ditto Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Ditto Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a pile of Ditto from Pokemon. Thanks to Lemurboy12 for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Ditto Pattern

Grid Size: 90W x 56H
Design Area: 6.29″ x 3.86″ (88 x 54 stitches)
Colors: 8

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Ditto Pattern_Page_1

I’ve never used a Ditto in my party before, though I can see how it could be fun. Transform is a cool move, but I think I like Metronome better. Years ago, I decided to raise the Togepi you get as an egg in Pokemon Crystal (my favorite Pokemon game by the way). Back in gen two, Metronome was one of only two attacking moves it learned by leveling up, and even when it evolved, I kept Metronome on it. I loved how random it was and I liked seeing all the different animations for moves I would never use otherwise. I assume using a Ditto would give me a similar feeling. I would get to use a lot of different pokemon that I wouldn’t normally catch. Sounds good to me.


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