Free Golden Sun Cross Stitch Pattern Djinn

Djinn Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the four elemental Djinn from Golden Sun. All the Djinn in the game look different, but these are the most iconic. Download the PDF here: Djinn Pattern

Grid Size: 78W x 102H
Design Area: 5.43″ x 7.14″ (76 x 100 stitches)
Colors: 23

This was originally made to be Patreon only, but I decided to make it free last minute. You can still donate to my Patreon anyway. *wink wink*

Djinn Pattern_Page_1

I bet you’re wondering why I changed my mind about this one. The thing is that there are so few Golden Sun craft projects out there, that I didn’t want to put this one behind a pay wall. I tend to put patterns on my Patreon as cooler alternatives to using a free pattern. Even if I spent a lot of time on it, like my Elsie one, I don’t want the only cross stitch pattern out there for a fandom to be one that you have to pay for. Golden Sun is such an awesome game and it deserves more love.

Golden Sun is one of my favorite games from my childhood. I remember playing the first game and towards the beginning, they ask you if you want to take on the quest of lighting the lighthouse beacons. Being the little brat I was, I picked no, and I was surprised to see that there is an actual apocalyptic ending because you couldn’t be bothered! God, I love this game.


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