Free Halo Cross Stitch Pattern Covenant Grunt

Grunt Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a grunt from the Halo games series. Thanks to Bonzai for the sprite ripped from the fan game Halo Zero. Download the PDF here: Grunt Pattern

Grid Size: 77W x 83H
Design Area: 5.36″ x 5.79″ (75 x 81 stitches)
Colors: 16

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Grunt Pattern_Page_1

So, back in 2011 I went to Halo Fest at PAX Prime in Seattle. It was the tenth anniversary and there was basically a whole building dedicated to Halo. There was a whole timeline laid out with some awesome concept art. I remember seeing a couple of little dioramas along with full sized statues of Master Chief and a Warthog. Of course you could play the games, but I was more interested in the Mega Blox area. I even walked away with a free set that I gave to my brother. I did grab an adorable grunt plushie, which I suddenly realize is worth more than I thought. The highlight of the weekend was a live reading of a Red vs Blue episode with all the voice actors. This was back when RTX hadn’t really taken off, so seeing everyone at once was a big deal.


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