Free Pikachu Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon Pokeball

Pikachu Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Pikachu from Pokemon in his pokeball. Based off of a sprite from the game Pokemon Team Turbo ripped by Mr. C. Download the PDF here: Pikachu Pattern

Grid Size: 60W x 59H
Design Area: 4.14″ x 4.07″ (58 x 57 stitches)
Colors: 8

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Pikachu Pattern_Page_1

This is definitely a pattern that you should not stitch on white. If that’s all you have, then maybe switch out the white dome for a pale blue one. It just might not look as cool though. You can also try painting your aida. It’s actually easier than you might think. There’s a tutorial here. Of course this works best if you are going to just frame your project. If you want to actually use the cloth to make a pencil case or a dice bag or whatnot, then I suggest dying the fabric.


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