Free Napstablook Cross Stitch Pattern Undertale

Napstablook Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Napstablook from Undertale. I ripped the sprite myself straight from Toby Fox’s game. Download the PDF here: Napstablook Pattern

Grid Size: 88W x 96H
Design Area: 6.14″ x 6.79″ (86 x 95 stitches)
Colors: 2

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Napstablook Pattern_Page_1

What’s this, two Undertale patterns in a row? Blasphemy! Okay, okay, I just don’t have any other spooky patterns to post. You can always just pretend I posted this one at a more opportune time. My boss told me it was cool for me to dress up at work as long as I followed health and safety codes. Guess who got to take orders as a witch all day? Happy Halloween everyone!


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