Free Oban Star-Racers Cross Stitch Pattern Molly Wei

Molly Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Molly from Oban Star-Racers. Today’s pattern is a request from my patron Nat. If you have a custom pattern you want, then donate to my Patreon. You can also unlock other exclusive patterns. Download the PDF here: Molly Pattern

Grid Size: 42W x 102H
Design Area: 2.86″ x 7.14″ (40 x 100 stitches)
Colors: 19

Molly Pattern_Page_1

So yesterday I got to play a bunch of new board games! Well, not really new, but new to me.

Shadow Hunters: A game where you are given a secret identity at the beginning and the object is to identify and kill members of the other team. Pretty cool, but a lot is left up to chance and reading people’s reactions, two things I don’t excel at. I only managed to identify one person out of six before the end. This is the kind of game I don’t see myself getting any better at as I play. It was okay though and I did have fun randomly attacking people.

Sushi Go Party: I’ve been told this is called a drafting game. It has the same hand exchange mechanic that 7 Wonders has except this one has a simpler points system. I think the gameplay fits perfectly with the physical action of playing. Passing cards to the next player feels a lot like a circular conveyor at a sushi restaurant. Great party game for big groups that all want to play together.

Fuedality: Mixed feelings on this one, which is probably a common sentiment since it’s disappeared from the Z-Man Games website. It’s kind of like the Battleship of resource collection games. Everything is by chance and you’re just trying to build a board that has the highest chance of giving you something for every roll. You win the game by attaining a certain amount of victory points. I ended up having a lot of tiles that gave victory points, but no one ever rolled there so I never got any from them. I would play it again, though probably with a smaller group.

Cityscape: A game where you build a city based on secret plans. Each player has different goals they set at the beginning and you just have to make sure all your goals are met to get the most points. It’s a simple game, but I could really use a score card that tells me what the numbers on the dice mean and how many points they are worth so I can focus my efforts on the highest point values.


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