Free Hello Kitty Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello Kitty Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Hello Kitty with the quote “I have no mouth and I must scream.” Thanks to Arthur Ch for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Hello Kitty Pattern

Grid Size: 91W x 38H
Design Area: 6.36″ x 2.57″ (89 x 36 stitches)
Colors: 5

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Hello Kitty Pattern_Page_1

I’m definitely not the only one to make this joke. It’s just so easy. Why does she not have a mouth? Maybe she’s taken a vow of silence. Maybe it was stitched closed by the Yakuza because she’s a snitch. Maybe it’s been surgically removed by a homicidal computer. Or, maybe she just looks cuter that way. If you’re not familiar with the game check it out here and get ready for a trip and a half! Oh, and look up a walkthrough. It’s almost impossible without one.



  1. I love your work
    My name is Judy Furmage I have cancer and my wish is to ask you if you could do hello kitty for cancer patients
    That will be the perfect 🎁 anyone could asked for


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