Free Mario Cross Stitch Pattern Game Boy Color

Mario Game Boy Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Mario playing a Game Boy Color. This is meant as a sister piece to this Luigi pattern. You could even embroider a Game Link Cable between them. Thanks to Boo for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Mario Game Boy Pattern

Grid Size: 74W x 88H
Design Area: 5.14″ x 6.14″ (72 x 86 stitches)
Colors: 7

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Mario Game Boy Pattern_Page_1

I’m a little bit sad that it seems like Nintendo isn’t going to continue it’s line of handhelds. Mobile gaming is fine, but you can’t really replicate the feel and responsiveness of physical buttons on a touchscreen. The Switch is fantastic, but it’s twice as big as my 3DS. I can’t fit that in my pocket. I can’t pull that out in the bathroom at work. I couldn’t have surreptitiously played the Switch during class when I was at school. Bigger isn’t always better.


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