Free Chansey Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Chanseys Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Chansey from Pokemon. Thanks to Mr. C for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Chanseys Pattern

Grid Size: 97W x 126H
Design Area: 6.79″ x 8.86″ (95 x 124 stitches)
Colors: 7

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Chanseys Pattern_Page_1

There’s a debate about if Chansey with Eviolite is actually better than Blissey. And I’m pretty torn. My favorite item is Leftovers and I love having chances to use it on bulky pokemon like Blissey, but the numbers don’t lie. A Chansey holding Eviolite has better stats where it matters. I do like Blissey’s design better since her ears don’t look like a set of six… nevermind. I guess it’s just up to preference.


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