Free Aromantic Flag Cross Stitch Pattern Ace of Hearts

Aromantic Ace Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the aromantic pride flag on an ace of hearts. You can use any colors. It would look great with the rainbow pride colors or just red for the card. Download the PDF here: Aromantic Ace Pattern

Grid Size: 93W x 94H
Design Area: 6.50″ x 6.57″ (91 x 92 stitches)
Colors: 5

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Aromantic Ace Pattern_Page_1

Personally, I feel like being aromantic has been harder to handle than being asexual. It’s not like I don’t understand romance or that I don’t know how to respond, I just don’t feel that specific sort of love. I can love my family and friends. I can even have crushes, they’re just very faint and easy to ignore. I may not even notice I’d had one until after the feeling is gone. The problem comes with representation. When every movie has to have a romantic subplot even when it doesn’t need one, it’s kind of disheartening. As if I’m missing out on something.

Growing up, I really liked emo rock bands like Lincoln Park and parody songs by Weird Al. Now I see it was probably because those songs were the only ones that weren’t about falling in love. I never liked country or rap even though they were popular with my friends because those genres were saturated in romantic and sexual subjects that I just couldn’t relate to. Nothing illustrates my discomfort around loves songs more than Grenade by Bruno Mars, a song so brutal that you would question his sanity. It’s not a love song, it’s abuse. You know, when Weird Al sang a song about a girl cutting the breaks in his car, he was pointing out the absurdity of songs like Grenade. Mars just plays it straight and people think it’s romantic. No, it’s not romantic. It’s sad. If you can relate to Grenade, get help.

A while ago, I watched Bloom Into You, an anime about an aromantic girl in her first relationship. It’s a welcome piece of representation even though it does depict the main character as having fewer/less intense emotions overall, which isn’t accurate to all aromantics. Then again, nothing is really typical of all aromantics so I’ll give it a pass. I would like to see more like this and Saiki K, but it got me thinking. I’ve seen a worrying trend of aromanticism and asexuality being associated with scientists, villains, and stoic types. I suppose it’s because people need a justification for why someone wouldn’t feel romantic love. You don’t need a reason. Anyone can be aromantic, just like anyone can be gay, but I don’t see society getting rid of the flamboyant gay or the stoic asexual any time soon.


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