Patreon Only Ruby Rose Cross Stitch Pattern RWBY

Ruby Rose Preview.png

Cross stitch pattern of Ruby Rose from RWBY. The pose is based off of a BlazBlue sprite but modified to be much smaller. This pattern was requested by my patron NinjaGoemon to go with the Weiss pattern from last month. Head over to my Patreon if you want your own custom pattern.

Grid Size: 118W x 143H
Design Area: 8.36″ x 10.14″ (117 x 142 stitches)
Colors: 19

Ruby Rose Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I went to an arts festival. There was a stage with dancers, but every time I passed by, there was some weird interpretive dance going on. One time there were a bunch of kids dressed as flames with grey smoke capes. Then there was a group in normal clothes dancing like an argument. I don’t know, I guess the fact that I knew they were arguing meant that the dance was successful at communicating something, but it’s one branch of art that I never really felt comfortable with.


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