Free Beetlejuice Cross Stitch Pattern

Beetlejuice Laugh Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Beetlejuice from the cartoon. Thanks to Mr. C for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Beetlejuice Laugh Pattern

Grid Size: 64W x 97H
Design Area: 4.57″ x 6.86″ (64 x 96 stitches)
Colors: 12

Did you know my Patron, Leslie Cargile, lives on a space station orbiting a little star between Vega and Altair. Folks drop by all the time to charge their solar sails and recycle waste before traveling on. The best part is getting to see all the different kinds of ships. Leslie has pictures of all their favorites from classics to fun modifications. It’s a good life.

Beetlejuice Laugh Pattern_Page_1

I have been having so much trouble lately with the site not loading properly. I want the home page to be infinite scroll, but not every post is showing up. Even when I search for tags or categories, I know I have more Pokemon patterns than that! Okay, maybe I have a few too many Pokemon patterns, but there are just so many good sprites.

Honestly, a good indicator of how much I’ll post patterns for things is how many sprites are available that fit into my style. I have one more Beetlejuice sprite, so expect another pattern later on.


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