Free Pacman Cross Stitch Pattern

Pacman2 Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Pacman. Thanks to CHEEZN64X and Sonicfan32 for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Pacman2 Pattern

Grid Size: 74W x 79H
Design Area: 5.14″ x 5.50″ (72 x 77 stitches)
Colors: 4

Did you know my Patron Angie Booth is actually the world’s one and only dragon chef. Cooking dragon meat can be perilous since it goes bad so quickly you have to slay, cook, and serve the dragon all in the same day over a pit of lava. It’s true!

Pacman2 Pattern_Page_1

I saw Ralph Breaks the Internet, and I’m not really impressed. They reused the same climactic story beat of Ralph betraying Vanellope “for her own good”. It was a strong point in the original movie, but now they’re good friends. They should be able to talk it out, instead Ralph comes off as manipulative, possessive, and much more evil than was probably intended. I also don’t like the emphasis on consumerism as a good thing. A major plot point is about them going to literally ebay to buy something for more money than they have. Instead of doing the obvious thing of contacting the seller to try and explain the situation and cancel the order, they go on wacky hijinks. I know they have to kick start the plot somehow, but anyone who has ever sold on ebay would know that theirs was a fishy looking transaction and the seller would definitely contact you about it immediately.

Then there’s the rampant unsafe internet usage. I know this is Ralph’s first time on the internet, but you could make a new character to teach him things. Selling in game items for real world currency is usually against the terms of service of the game. Other than the rundown appearance of their employer’s office, it’s never implied that what they’re doing is bad, just that they’re working for a shady guy. Now Ralph isn’t in much danger of getting banned for real world trading, but Vanellope wants to start her new life there and a ban will screw up her whole world. This has unfortunate implications for kids who will now think that there are no consequences for buying or selling game items. Actually, the whole movie is full of unfortunate implications. You see people clicking on popup ads and this is never addressed as being an unsafe thing to do. People just click and are whisked away without touching on how to find out if you’ve actually been taken to the site you expected or a scam site that looks the same. And then there’s a scene where you see Ralph ushering viewers from one video to his. Now you’re going to have to explain to you child about the auto play function on Youtube and why you should disable it.

Honestly, any movie where afterwards you have to have a lengthy talk with your child about internet safety, is probably not the best movie to show your kids.


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