Free Mario Golf Cross Stitch Pattern Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and Peach

Mario Golf Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy as they appear in Mario Golf. Gotta love that stars and stripes outfit! Thanks to EpicLuigi for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Mario Golf Pattern

Grid Size: 162W x 108H
Design Area: 11.43″ x 7.64″ (160 x 107 stitches)
Colors: 9

I have two Patrons, Mary and Mary D., who host a macabre but ridiculous Grim’s Fairy Tales themed game show together. It’s like a cross between Saw and Double Dare with Mary playing the evil witch and Mary D. as the white knight who passes out prizes. It’s true!

Mario Golf Pattern_Page_1

I had an awesome LAN party this weekend. We played all the Mario Party games my friends had: 4, 8, and Super. It was neat playing them in order and seeing how the gameplay has changed over the years. My favorite was 8 because it was more brutal. We played the Warped Orbit board where the only way to get stars is to steal them from other players, a game mode that definitely isn’t in Super. The earlier games were more antagonistic. If you were in last place, you would be called a loser, and Bowser was meaner. Super is much softer in both game mechanics and dialogue. I feel like even though Super adds some fun aspects like character specific dice and allies, there’s something missing. I never felt the need to punch one of my friends and that’s what couch play is all about.

We also played Town of Salem, a game that I never really understood, but I still had a lot of fun playing. There was a round where I was a member of the mafia so I could leave bloody notes on corpses. Now other players didn’t know that I was the one who placed it, but they did know that only killers can write a bloody note. I wrote a note that incriminated someone named Pancakes. I didn’t know who Pancakes was, I just knew they weren’t a mafioso. I honestly didn’t expect my deception to work, but everyone voted to execute Pancakes the next day! Why?! My best guess is that the other players thought I was actually Pancakes trying to divert suspicion by incriminating myself? Either way, play of the game for me.


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