Free Boo Cross Stitch Pattern Mario

Boo Mario Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Boo from Super Mario Bros. Thanks to Yawackhary for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Boo Mario Pattern

Grid Size: 81W x 63H
Design Area: 5.64″ x 4.36″ (79 x 61 stitches)
Colors: 6

My Patron Grace Lindsay is a member of a small marching band that helps ghost move on to the afterlife by giving them one last hurrah by playing music that died long ago.

Boo Mario Pattern_Page_1

I don’t actually believe in ghosts, but I love stories about people helping restless spirits. It’s what hooked me onto Bleach before it took a dramatic turn into a dumpster fire. It’s also what got me to watch Mob Psycho 100, which is fantastic even though the ghost elements aren’t super important. Now that I think of it, I should probably go back and watch Shaman King since it seems right up my alley and that English intro is banging. If anyone has any recommendations of low key slice of life shows centered around helping ghosts find peace, I’m down.


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