Patreon Only 8-Bit Theater Cross Stitch Pattern D&D Satan’s Game

8 Bit DnD Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the heroes from Final Fantasy 1 playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a reference to this video from the dawn of time. This is a Patreon only pattern, so the PDF and PNG files are only available to patrons.

Grid Size: 126W x 64H
Design Area: 9.00″ x 4.57″ (126 x 64 stitches)
Colors: 20

8 Bit DnD Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I got to play D&D at the con a while back. We got to play at least an hour all three days. I understand now that having a good DM is way more important than your fellow players knowing what they’re doing. The first day we had an okay DM, nothing special, he gave us all a bag of holding each and I stuffed mine with as much cheese as I could. My brother made off with a giant butter knife which might come in handy. I spent most of the battle wrapped up in spider silk. I didn’t get to fight, but I did get to do some good damsel in distress role play, which was fun.

The second day we had a different DM, and boy was he awful! He was the kind of guy who stuck to the module religiously even when we weren’t having any fun. There was a puzzle with blocks that moved up and down when you pushed them. We spent a good half hour pushing blocks and getting nowhere when we triggered a trap. Never have I ever been so glad to fall into a pit of spikes. We look around the room, and guess what? There was another stupid block puzzle! Oh my god, are you kidding me? When you see your players aren’t getting it, you don’t send them to do another of the same type of puzzle! And you know the real kicker? There were numbers on the blocks the whole time. He let us fail for a half hour just because we hadn’t specifically said we wanted to investigate the blocks. One of the players even picked up a block and held it in his hand and the DM didn’t think to tell us about the numbers. Worst DM ever!

The third day, we only had like an hour and a half, so the DM decided to just do a fight pit thing. It was fun, but kind of sad because he was the best DM of them all. He was really helpful and energetic. I told him I had a wand of fireball from a previous game. He was like, “Who gave you that at level 3?!” I said it was the lady dressed a Xena last year. Turns out that she’s his boss irl and he let me use it to absolutely decimate a shield guardian. Good times.

I’m actually setting up to DM my first one shot in a few weeks. I might post my notes, just in case you also want to DM a humorous low level romp through an enchanted forest.


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