Free Jumping Pikachu Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Pikachu Jump Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Pikachu from Pokemon. Thanks to Mr. C for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Pikachu Jump Pattern

Grid Size: 103W x 119H
Design Area: 7.21″ x 8.36″ (101 x 117 stitches)
Colors: 6

Did you know that one of my PatronsWhitney Valentine-Wafer is on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough, splicing the DNA of a rabbit and an electric eel. They said it couldn’t be done, but Pikachu shall live! Mwahahahahaha!

Pikachu Jump Pattern_Page_1

I went to the MAX show in Pennsylvania with my family. It’s a militaria show that concentrates on authentic military related antiques from around the world. My brother had three tables that I was volunteered to help man. I guess I could have said no, but I wanted to spend time with him and learn booth management skills since I want to try selling at flea markets soon.

The show was pretty fun. Someone was selling a taxidermy squirrel holding a tiny sword. My brother says that it was a reference to a German sword maker’s logo and not Redwall. There was also a variety of dress uniform hats through the ages. These things can get pretty ridiculous with plumage and badges and one that looked like a cube. My heart goes out to those poor poor officers who had to try to be taken seriously wearing a bucket with a feather sticking straight up.

My favorite part of any militaria show is the ephemera, paper records and pictures that could easily be destroyed if not preserved. I bought a little book of photos of a soldier who worked the mess. It has shots of all his friends cooking and wearing chef’s hats. There’s even a few pictures of him perving on his friends in the showers. I can put it with my brother’s picture of a line of Germans using a latrine like this one but longer so you could see like eight butts.

FYI the link has no butts in it.



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